Bella tola Films

welcome friend.

Bella Tola Films GmbH is a film production company founded in late 2020 in Turtmann, Valais Switzerland.

Bella Tola is a mountain standing just a few metres shy of the infamous 4000m mark in the Valais, Switzerland. It sits right on the language border between the German and French speaking part of the Valais. It has it’s own tiny glacier, and feels comfortably nestled in between its more famous giants. Bella Tola Films strives to be just that: A small giant amongst many with a reach into both language areas of Switzerland. Bella Tola Films strives to be a safe space for you and your projects you want produced. A place where ideas can be sparred and workshopped, film shoots can be organised and realised and where ideas become real results.

Feel free to contact us for your film, photo or writing needs. Be it a simple instagram video for your beautiful product, a long narrative film about a cause you are passionate about or a creative and organisational sparring partner for your project for years to come, Bella Tola Films strives to be the save haven for your ideas and project.

Documentary films, artists portraits, image films, advertisment, creative projects or commercial projects, all types of projects are welcome.

Behind Bella Tola Films GmbH is Anna Katrine Thuesen. She is an MFA in Film Directing, producer, kitesurfer, ex-telemark skier, photographer, video gamer, mountain lover and doom scroller. However, first and foremost she is a story teller. We don’t shy away from difficult projects, in fact we welcome them.